A person is said to be diagnosed with constipation if he or she finds it difficult to excrete, passes stiff tools and has fewer bowel movements as minimum as three times a week.

Vitamins and supplements

Although vitamins and supplements are intended to be good for your health, there are a certain proportion of disadvantages that follow as well.  For example, two generally recommended supplements to consume for improved bone health and treatment of anemia are calcium and iron. Surprisingly, such supplements are known to induce constipation stress due to lack of fiber content. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop it. What most people lack to apprehend is the proper technique to consume such supplements. When an individual suffers from an iron deficiency issue, medical experts advise consuming fiber-rich food and sufficient hydration when taking in iron supplements. Similarly, when suffering from weak bone issues, medical experts recommend experimenting with different forms of calcium such as calcium citrate and calcium carbonate, both known for minimizing constipation.



Researchers have confirmed an underlying link between depression and constipation stress. When people experience mental sickness like depression, they suffer from slow and irritable bowel movements. Other reports indicate that those who fell prey to constipation is more likely to suffer from depression related sickness. Reports suggest that constipation from depression may likely be due to causes such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, a side effect of taking in specific anti-depressant pills or merely linked to another condition such as hypothyroidism. Certain psychological conditions can cause such unwanted results as well.



A surprisingly underlying cause of constipation can be tracked from excessive use or abuse of laxatives. Abusing the laxatives will shift very reason you started consuming them, to have smooth and proper bowel movements. Having excessive laxatives can make you dependent on them, meaning you will not poop if you have too many laxatives, and to combat this, you will have even more then the said limit. Getting on the abusive cycle of laxative use can throw your bowel movement out of control. Instead of using laxatives, tend to change your lifestyle by consuming healthy and fiber-rich food, adequate hydration and consistent exercise to prevent constipation and pass regular bowel movements without any inconvenience.


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