Belly Bloat

Slow down

One of the most significant causes for a bloated stomach is merely eating food too fast. This means you quite frankly don’t sufficiently chew your food as you are supposed to for smooth digestion. Another serious aspect of eating too fast is you tend to swallow more air with each bite, which in turn accumulates and leads to bloated stomachs. So, if you wish to enjoy yourself and the food at events and gatherings, tend to take small bites and chew adequately.

Evaluate portion sizes

A vast majority of people, unfortunately, tend to consume more according to the size of meals served on their plates. Studies reveal that merely keeping an eye out on the large portions of food by minimizing plates and food portion sizes can undoubtedly help you combat the urge to eat till your plate is empty. Moreover, when eating large portions on large plates, you inculcate mindless eating instead of the desirable mindful eating.

Formulate a plan

In order to combat belly bloating at gatherings, you can take the first step by formulating a plan on how much you will eat, and what you will eat before getting there. This will help you stay within the limits you’ve set. Another practical tip is keeping a pocket full of healthy snacks and appetizers intended for eating healthy food and preventing reaching for unhealthy and junk food. Pursuing such simple and useful tips can prevent belly bloating.

Avoid certain food triggers

Belly Fat

It is imperative you know your body to identify what triggers such bloating. Consuming green vegetable such as Brussels sprouts and broccoli are known to trigger gas formations which lead to bloating. Other foods to keep an eye out for are processed foods and refined sugars. Often times if you find yourself eating such trigger foods excessively or do not regularly eat them, you are more likely to become a victim of bloated bellies.

Limit the bubbly

Did you know that drinking your favorite drinks such as sugar-loaded carbonated soft drinks, beer, and other sparkly or fizzy drinks can bloat your stomach like a balloon? Unfortunately, it is true, so in order to avoid such heavy, bloated bellies, switching to water and drink more of it. Not only is drinking water excessively healthy, but it helps clear your system by effectively flushing it out.

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